Help! Jupyter notebook stops printing outputs after being left idle for some time

The jupyter notebook worked fine while I was actively using it. However, whenever I left it inactive for 20~30 minutes, the notebook would stop printing any outputs even though it clearly executed the code block. I am pretty new to Jupyter, so any advice on how to resolve this issue will be much appreciated.

If would seem that either your kernel has become inactive or the connection disconnected/timed out? There’s a lot of reasons any of that could have occurred. Some involve simple things like you have your disk drive set to sleep after 25 minutes of inactivity on your own machine.

You have to provide more information for those whom would help you. Is Jupyter notebook installed locally? Are you using a public online hub to get a notebook? Are you connecting to something your institution provides?

Your picture shows us the current cells. However, you don’t show us the indicator of kernel activity that should be over on the upper right side?

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