Helm pull/search (remote)

For integration in a deployment environment, I want to pull the helm chart by “helm pull”. The command fails (ignore the backslash in front of ‘https’, the editor would mess up the text by inserting the page title):

% helm pull --repo \https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart/ jupyterhub/jupyterhub --version 2.0.0
Error: chart “jupyterhub/jupyterhub” version “2.0.0” not found in \https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart/ repository

Also searching does not work:

% helm search hub --endpoint \https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart
Error: unable to perform search against “\https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart”

Am I doing something wrong or is the chart repository lacking capabilities? helm version is v3.11.2.

helm pull --repo https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart/ jupyterhub

works for me

According to the docs:

Search for Helm charts in the Artifact Hub or your own hub instance.

Artifact Hub is a web-based application that enables finding, installing, and publishing packages and configurations for CNCF projects, including publicly available distributed charts Helm charts. It is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project. You can browse the hub at https://artifacthub.io/

https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart/ is just a set of helm charts, it’s not the Artifact Hub webapp.

Thanks, jupyterhub instead of jupyterhub/jupyterhub was unexpected, but works perfectly.

The search test was just a test, I don’t need this functionality. Thanks for clarification.