Helm Chart certificate x509 error when deploying on EKS using AWS CDK

Has anyone seen this issue when deploying JH using helm chart on Amazon EKS?

We use AWS CDK to create a cluster and call addHelmChart to deploy any helm chart. It was working fine until recently the helm error started popping up:

Release "jupyterhub" does not exist. Installing it now.\nError: looks like "https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart/" is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: Get "https://hub.jupyter.org/helm-chart/index.yaml": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Any idea what’s going on here? Was there a recent certificate renewal on the Jupyter end??

I have the same issue. Used direct installation via Helm as a temporary workaround.

https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart/ now redirects to https://hub.jupyter.org/helm-chart/

Can you try the latter instead?

So far no good.

I also saw that the certificate was renewed last week. There might be some lag for it to get to all the trust stores. I’ll wait and try this in a few days.

In the meantime, if you have any other things I can try, will be greatly appreciated!

It’s a standard SSL certificate and as pointed out it works with the standard Helm client: SSL Server Test: hub.jupyter.org (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

Since the problem is occuring in the AWS CDK it could be worth opening an AWS support request to find out whether it needs to be fixed in the CDK, or if there’s something that can be configured on hub.jupyter.org?