Having multiple single-user docker images

Hello everyone,
I have deployed Jupyterhub via a docker-compose setup for a medium-sized cluster. Everything works fine with the docker spawner as it spawns for each user a default image. Now I need to include several single-user images, from which the users could choose from. Basically one user might need some default packages and another might need some certain additional packages.
I read that through the named servers, one user can have multiple servers. But the question is whether for each of these servers, the user can assign a certain image or not? or how shall I implement these in the configuration file?
I would be grateful if you could help me with these questions.
Best regards,
Muh Hassani

I’m using image_whitelist for this (note that the name will change to “allowed_images” in the next release)


Thank you very much @phaustin for your prompt response. I will try it.