Getting Schema not found error while launching notebook in windows 10 even after forcefully reinstalling Jupyter

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Deepak\Python\Python310\Lib\tornado\”, line 1784, in _execute
result = method(*self.path_args, **self.path_kwargs)
File “C:\Users\Deepak\Python\Python310\Lib\tornado\”, line 3290, in wrapper
return method(self, *args, **kwargs)
File “C:\Users\Deepak\Python\Python310\Lib\jupyterlab_server\”, line 48, in get
result, warnings = get_settings(
File “C:\Users\Deepak\Python\Python310\Lib\jupyterlab_server\”, line 370, in get_settings
schema, version = _get_schema(schemas_dir, schema_name, overrides, labextensions_path)
File “C:\Users\Deepak\Python\Python310\Lib\jupyterlab_server\”, line 47, in _get_schema
raise web.HTTPError(404, notfound_error % path)
tornado.web.HTTPError: HTTP 404: Not Found (Schema not found: C:/Users/Deepak/Python/Python310/share/jupyter/lab/schemas@jupyter-notebook/notebook-e
[W 2023-08-11 10:21:30.274 JupyterNotebookApp] 404 GET /lab/api/settings/@jupyter-notebook/notebook-extension:scroll-output?1691742090220 (47b15050b0154b4f
b49c52f4b7fdeaa3@::1) 15.62ms referer=http://localhost:8888/tree

I am only getting logo of jupyter and not getting anything other than this.
python 3.11.3
ipykernel 6.21.3
ipython 8.11.0
ipython-genutils 0.2.0
ipywidgets 8.0.4
isoduration 20.11.0
jedi 0.18.2
Jinja2 3.1.2
json5 0.9.14
jsonpointer 2.3
jsonschema 4.17.3
jsonschema-specifications 2023.7.1
jupyter 1.0.0
jupyter_client 8.0.3
jupyter-console 6.6.3
jupyter_core 5.2.0
jupyter-events 0.6.3
jupyter-lsp 2.2.0
jupyter_server 2.4.0
jupyter_server_terminals 0.4.4
jupyterlab 4.0.4
jupyterlab-pygments 0.2.2
jupyterlab_server 2.24.0
jupyterlab-widgets 3.0.5

When I am trying connect with jupyter lab i am getting below error.

I thought to go the path mentioned in screenshot but “share” folder is not available in the path. If i am not wrong then may this missing folder is issues but i am not getting how to get this folder inside mentioned path.

One more thing I am not admin user so i have installed python in “Users” folder.

@Deepak try installing jupyter lab via homebrew.
Installing it that way worked for me.