Getting error page not found when launching Notebook with Voila

When I am trying to launch a Notebook through Voila, I am getting error “404: Not Found”. I am using domain name https://domain-name/user/username/voila. Do I need to make any changes to register the domain with voila?

Please provide a detailed description of your setup including versions and provide some error logs if possible. Your amount of provided information is currently insufficient. Where do you run voila etc.?

It got fixed by restarting the docker image.

Which docker image were you using?

Apologies for the late reply. I am using the following docker image. This comes with AWS EMR service when you include JupyterHub application.

emr/jupyter-notebook 5.7.8 e28d92801f6e 7 months ago 2.11GB

This image probably doesn’t have the voila dependency installed.

@Saurabh_Jhingan you might want to create your own Docker image with voila installed, and use from EMR (if the service allows custom images)