Generic question about jlab4 and nb7

hiya lads

I am currently preparing for next year courses, and so anticipating jlab4, and a little down the road nb7, and trying to assess the damage :slight_smile:

so my general approach so far has been

. install jlab4 and check whether my crucial extensions are working in there
mostly they are jupytext (we only manage .py or .md notebooks) and jupyterlab-myst (for admonitions primarily right now), and at this point they are both workable, i.e. not yet properly released, but installable through pip https+git, so this is all starting to look good

. so I went ahead and installed nb7 on top of that, and was naively kind of hoping that everything - these 2 extensions that is - would work the same, since nb7 is kind of like on top of jlab4; at least that was my understanding

however I was in for a big disappointment, as neither of them works as expected in nb7…

So I guess my question is this:
Am I seeing this because everything is moving at the same time and I’m just being unlucky ? (i.e. I installed using pip install -U --pre notebook but I should use something more recent ?)

Because if not, and this is something that is likely to happen in “normal” times, then it seems to me it’s going to be really hard for extension providers to know how to test their stuff

In any case right now I’m unsure where to log my issues, my first inclination would be in the notebook repo, I hope it’s OK if I do that even if it’s about third-party extensions ?