Full time positions on Jupyter open-source team at AWS

Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce that I am building a small open-source Jupyter team at AWS. Specifically, we have two openings for the following role:

The charter of the Jupyter opens-source team at AWS is to make Jupyter the best notebook platform for data science, machine learning, analytics, and scientific computing for all of its users.

The team tenets are as follows:

· We are customer obsessed. We build things that Jupyter users need. Our customers are AWS product teams, AWS customers, and the broader Jupyter user community.
· We work in the open. We work openly on GitHub with a broad range of external Jupyter stakeholders.
· We help Jupyter deliver on its promise. We share Jupyter’s mission to make interactive computing usable, accessible, reproducible, and productive to a broad range of audiences working with code and data.
· We support the communities we are a part of. We do our share of the “needful things,” like triaging issues, grooming backlogs, mentoring and on-boarding other contributors, participating in design discussions, fixing bugs, cutting releases, giving talks and writing blog posts, and helping with the organizational and governance dimensions of Jupyter.
· We help connect AWS and the Jupyter ecosystem. We help AWS teams navigate all things Jupyter and facilitate their active participation in the Jupyter subprojects they depend on.
· We focus on what we know best; we don’t try to do everything. Our team includes contributors with experience in particular parts of Jupyter and those are the areas where we can make the most impact.

Consistent with the team charter and tenets, members of the Jupyter open-source team at AWS will be entirely focused on open-source contributions to Jupyter.

Please reach out to me at brgrange@amazon.com if you are interested.