Flask application static folder unable to be linked within a Jupyterhub Service

The flask example in from github allowed me to run a flask application. This works great for a simple application, but I cannot connect the static folder. The templates folder, however does connect and I am able to use the render_template function.

For instance, my application runs at myurl.com/services/myapp but it cannot retrieve files in the static directory. Help in loading these static files would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately your post is a bit short, so it’s difficult for people to work out what issue might be. Could you post more information, ideally a full example so someone can reproduce your problem from scratch on their own system?


Sure. I’m trying to create a completely separate public web site from JuptyerHub. As in, I’d like anyone to be able to access myurl.com/separate_site. If there is a simpler way that using a “Service”, I’d be interested in that.

I successfully followed the Flask example from the JupyterHub github directory linked in the original post. I placed the web application folder in the /opt/JupyterHub/etc/JupyterHub directory which also contains the jupyterhub_congig.py file. Here is the file system breakdown.

  • certificates
    • __init__.py
    • static
      • cert.png
    • templates
      • cert.html


The files from the static folder are unable to be linked in the app. The cert.png file does not show up in the app. When I run a normal flask app (not on top of JupyterHub, the same configuration works).

Portion of jupyterhub_config.py file

services_list = [
        'name': 'certificates',
        'url': '',
        'command': ['gunicorn', '-w=4', '-b=', '--chdir=/opt/jupyterhub/etc/jupyterhub', 
                    '--log-file=/opt/jupyterhub/etc/jupyterhub/certificate_app/error.log',  'certificate_app:app']

c.JupyterHub.services = services_list


For flask apps, you typically do one of the following. Either direct link or use url_for

<img src="/static/cert.png">
<img src="{{ url_for('static', filename = 'cert.png') }}">


import os
from flask import Flask, render_template

prefix = os.environ.get('JUPYTERHUB_SERVICE_PREFIX', '/')

app = Flask(__name__)

def certificates():   
    return render_template('cert.html')
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