'FileNotFoundError: Model file does not exist' error while trying to run a gpt4all generation


I have jupyterlab 4.2.1 installed with jupyter-ai 2.15.0.

With gpt4all v1.3.0 groovy installed, I get the error while running any command on the chat prompt:

FileNotFoundError: Model file does not exist: WindowsPath('C:/Users/shivendra.sharma/.cache/gpt4all/ggml-gpt4all-j-v1.3-groovy.gguf')

When actually gpt4all was installed through pip successfully. How can I resolve this error? Removing and installing the model did not fix the error.

If you navigate to the directory do you see this file in there? Installing gpt4all is not sufficient you need to download the model too.

Thanks for the reply @krassowski

Where can I download this file? The folder is completely empty, and I wonder why it did not download the requirements through pip.