Error displaying widget: model not found (geemap)

Hello. I recently installed Jupyter Lab and have been trying to get a basic map to load with geemap. However, I get “Error displaying widget: model not found” every time I try. My code is below, it works with the Web version of Lab but not the desktop. Any advice is appreciated.

import pandas as pd
import ipywidgets
from ipywidgets import widgets
import ipyleaflet
import geemap
import ee

from IPython.display import display

#Import the Data File
csv_file = "GHISA-USA-EO-1-Hyperion-data-of-crops-1g-1430.csv"

#Assign DataFrame (df) and list Column Names (dn)
df = pd.read_csv(csv_file, low_memory=False)
dn = (list(df))

Map = geemap.Map()