Feature idea: file for installing multiple jupyterlab extensions

Perhaps this is a duplicate, but I did not see a way to install a list of extensions in the documentation.

I was writing up an idea about configuring binder with a package.json for jupyterlab npm packages. But when I thought about it, it would be kind of silly to have to parse the json so that jupyter labextension install <package-name> could loop over the file since npm install isn’t used.

Rather than a flat, row or comma-separated .txt file - how about a .yml file with a labextensions: key to allow for future extensibility.

    - my-extension@1.2.3
    - their-extension@1.2.*
    - our-extension

# could skip the * resolution until someone really needs it.

YAML would work. Does anyone know whether we can add an additional top level key to a Conda environment.yml?

(It would seem that JupyterLab extension packaging is incomplete without a way to reproducibly specify which versions of which extensions to install and run the install method for. @takluyver likely has an opinion on why we couldn’t just use setup tools for this.)

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