Failing to integrate JupyterHub in clean GitOps workflow


I’m trying to integrate the JupyterHub deployment into a clean GitOps workflow based on ArgoCD. I’m failing gracefully…

I have managed to deploy dozens of deployments with ArgoCD, but JupyterHub is still resisting. The main problem are sensitive secrets distributed everywhere, in ConfigMaps, in extensions as Python code. The hard-to-manage helm deployment doesn’t make it easier (team kustomize here).

Maybe I am too focused on the way I am used to deploy. Maybe someone has managed to build GitOps for JupyterHub and may open my eyes? runs BinderHub which is based on Z2JH, and uses a GitHub workflow for deployments. This is the repo:
GitHub - jupyterhub/ Deployment config files for

Thanks for the link! I’ll take a look.