Failed to fetch package metadata

When I try to build a custom extension it builds successfully but in logs there’s

[W 2021-10-08 11:10:59.417 LabApp] Failed to fetch package metadata for 'my_extension': <HTTPError 404: 'Not Found'>

and in console there’s so many errors :

index.es6.js:288 Plugin '@jupyterlab/celltags' failed to activate.
(anonymous) @ index.es6.js:288
index.es6.js:289 Error: No provider for: @jupyterlab/notebook:INotebookTools.
    at JupyterLab.Application.resolveRequiredService (static/lab/jlab_core.ca7619af80d36d72c9ba.js:98922)
    at static/lab/jlab_core.ca7619af80d36d72c9ba.js:98877
    at (<anonymous>)
    at JupyterLab.Application.activatePlugin (static/lab/jlab_core.ca7619af80d36d72c9ba.js:98877)
    at static/lab/jlab_core.ca7619af80d36d72c9ba.js:99008
    at (<anonymous>)
    at JupyterLab.Application.start (static/lab/jlab_core.ca7619af80d36d72c9ba.js:99007)
    at main (static/lab/build_index_out_js.ed8e967741b1e12ceaaf.js:689)

How can I get this work?

Can you push it to GitHub and provide a link to the repo?

it is working after upgrading 3.1.18