Extending the csv viewer

Hi all
I would like to extend the functionality of the csv viewer in Jupyterlab, adding functionality of search and filter in a way similar to qgrid. Looking even further down the line, it would be nice to be able to view tables in sqlite/postgres, so I don’t need to have sqlitebrowser/pgadmin open for these tasks. I’ve not yet contributed to Jupyter, and don’t know any Javascript. Can people advise, how challenging is what I propose, and are there any very relevant guides I could follow to get started on these specific features? Thanks in advance.

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The perspective JupyterLab extension might be what you’re after?

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Can’t get it to work unfortunately. But nevertheless I want to build on the existing viewer

I think your best bet would be to open up the issue as a question in the jupyterlab repo:

you’ll probably get a better response from that team there. This Discourse is currently a pilot that the JupyterHub team is keeping an eye on. We have no problem at all with non-jupyterhub-related questions here, but you just might have better luck hearing from that community by posting there as well :slight_smile:


See https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/issues/5469#issuecomment-636536063