Error '_xsrf' argument missing executing loading test

Hi guys, I need help to evaluate the cause of the error ‘_xsrf’ argument missing, this happens to me when performing load tests with the JMeter application, i execute request to the frontend endpoint, in the documentation I found that it was possible to discard this error by enabling the following settings:

c.NotebookApp.disable_check_xsrf = True

I added this param in my config.yml but the error continues. I don’t know if JMeter is the ideal tool to perform this type of tests.

Hi! First of all, are you using JupyterHub as in the topic tag, or are you connecting to Jupyter Notebook directly? Are you using the legacy Jupyter notebook, or the more modern version that runs on jupyter-server?

What’s kind of performance testing are you trying to do? Are you interested in just the web components, or are you more interested in running computationally intensive notebooks?

JupyterHub 4.1.0 erroneously ignored this configuration option. This should be fixed in JupyterHub 4.1.3.

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