Enforcing disk quotas in The Littlest Jupyter Hub

What’s the easiest way to set disk quotas for new users under TLJH?

I know how to set quotas for users under Linux, but I don’t think there’s a way to set quotas for all future users. The question is how to make this happen automatically when new users are created under TLJH. I figure there must be a script or something somewhere that I could add the necessary line to, but where is it?


How to set quotas for users under Linux? Using quota? if yes,how to set it to the remote NFS?

All good questions. Sorry for not being more complete in my original post.

I’ve set up a semi-public Linux server with TLJH running and storing files in the local file system, so there’s no NFS involved.

I have quota working and quotas enabled on the local file system, but what I’m missing is a way to set the quota when TLJH creates the accounts for new users. There doesn’t seem to be a mechanism for setting a default disk quota for new users.