Embedding Jupyter kernel output in Microsoft Word

This is a bit of “shameless self-promotion” (sorry…), but we have released a C# implementation of a Jupyter kernel manager which was driven by a project of ours, called StatTag, to embed statistical results in Microsoft Word.

With many thanks to @jasongrout and @SylvainCorlay for providing a lot of encouragement and support, for the StatTag project we’re positioned to include the multitude of available kernels. Likewise, if any other developer needs a C# implementation of a kernel manager, the library is freely available.

To be clear, this is not meant to compete with the excellent breadth of Jupyter-enabled technology out there. This work came from a very pragmatic and somewhat niche need of collaborators who use Microsoft Word, and a desire to help make reproducible research easier for them. The Jupyter protocol, technology, readily available source code, and community made this possible - thank you!