Docker file TLJH privileged access

In the following tutorial for installing TLJH on a docker: Setting up Development Environment — The Littlest JupyterHub v0.1 documentation The docker file has privileged access:

  --privileged \

Does anyone know why? Is it necessary to let the docker running TLJH have root access to the host machine?


In general, it is not recommended to run production instances inside docker, it is purely meant for development. It might mostly work, but it isn’t really supported :slight_smile:

TLJH is meant to be run on a VM (or bare metal machine) directly, and admin users are meant to have root. If this doesn’t work, you can probably set up JupyterHub manually, or consider something like zero to jupyterhub on kubernetes

Hi Yuvi,

Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to set up a password for admin users on Jupyterhub. Right now if I open a terminal and write sudo su -. I can get full root access to the host machine. To add extra security would it be possible to have a password for the admin user as well?

I don’t know if setting a password would affect tljh or not. Try it out and see if it breaks anything? Regular Linux commands for setting passwords should work