Distribute GPU with jupyterhub

1.) The environment

  • Ubuntu 18.0.4. headless server
  • Nvidia driver 430
  • Miniconda installed on a per user base (separately under the /home//miniconda for all
  • Cuda 10.1
  • jupyterhub 1.0.0
  • 4 Tesla P100 GPUs installed on the server
  • docker version 19.03.2

2.) The Question

How can we let jupyterhub spawn (systemuser-spawner) docker containers with arbitrary GPUs ?
At this time I can spawn a container with all or specific defined GPUs by the keyword in the Dockerfile:




What we want is something else:

  • At spawn menu, one should be able to choose a container with or without GPU.
  • If a container with GPU is chosen, the number of GPUs should be defined.
  • We have 4 GPUs, and want to provide them as first come - first serve.
  • So an unser can pick 4, 3, 2, or 1 GPU if he is the first.
  • The next can pick whatever is left, all or some.

How can I create a docker file that is spawnable that receives any nunber of GPUs that are left in my set?

thanks and regards,

Hello everybody,

does no one have a clue, if there is a mechanism for spawnable docker containers to pass in any of the available GPUs into the container?

AT this time I know only the possibliity, to pass in a particular GPU, i.e. with its GUID or number. So you always get a fixed GPU. This means, to distribute the GPUs with jupyterhub, I need to build an image for each container with another GPU, to make it spawnable with jupyterhub.

We want to offer a pool of GPUs to the user (students) that may spawn a container in jupyterhub with or without one or even more GPUs and according to the priciple “first come -first serve” a student gets whatever is left in the pool.

thanks and regards,

Hi @RSchauf,

If the passing is solely relying on the setting of environment variables, you are able to do so in the Spawner by using the c.Spawner.environment configuration setting as described here: https://jupyterhub.readthedocs.io/en/stable/api/spawner.html#jupyterhub.spawner.Spawner.environment

I hope this helps you out.