Disabling installs in Extension Manager in a shared JupyterHub

Is there a way for us to configure the JupyterLab Extension manager so that users cannot install or remove extensions, but can only enable/disable them? Users log in to a shared JupyterHub so only an admin can install or remove extensions from the main installation. This is to avoid confusion among users so that they don’t try to install their own extensions.

The extension manager has block/allow lists (in 2.x, I think they are still called black/white lists). You might be able to use them to block all extensions from being installed.

A single monolithic build that does not allow for extra extensions to be installed is exactly the usecase for the app example - you can compile whatever extensions you want into a custom package, but users would still be able to enable/disable extensions if they wished. I’m not sure how the extension manager works with that, though.

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