Debian packaging effort

Hi everyone,

I’ve been contracted to work on Debian packages for Jupyterhub. I wasn’t aware of the debianized-jupyterhub effort until right now, but apparently we follow different approaches: I’m trying to do it the Debian way, by packaging dependencies recursively until you can install everything with apt (and without pip or npm or wget). I’m not there yet since it seems to be a large task, but I already have prototype packages that I’ll push to in the coming days.

I just wanted to say hi and announce my effort. If there is interest in the matter, I’ll post status updates here as time passes. I’ll probably come for help too, because Jupyterhub is new to me :slight_smile:



FYI @minrk this effort is being done to support the Soleil Synchotron projects.

HPC folks may be interested.

Cool, thanks for bringing this up!

I’m also interested in raising the Hub game on conda-forge. For example, I started into building traefik from source and ran into some issues since I don’t have a working copy of bzr for an n-level deep transient test dependency.

How are you folks generally handling go/rust upstreams? They seem rather sticky to build without their respective towers-of-babel… and then rather awkward to upgrade. And the licensing compliance… bwah.

I already answered on the debian-python mailing-list with a status of the work already done.

Notice that Debian is in full freeze towards a new release at the moment, so it’s a good time to plan ahead, not to dive into doing things :wink:

I’m well aware of the freeze :slight_smile: and I’m not planning on uploading the whole string of packages until they’re at least close to ready, which probably means after the Bullseye release.

As for the status, I haven’t seen anything on the list, sorry. Mine is as follows: I have skeleton packages for 20 Python packages (backoff escapism python-consul2 certipy pamela onetimepass jupyter-telemetry nteract-on-jupyter nbgitpuller jupyterhub jupyterhub-systemdspawner jupyterhub-dummyauthenticator jupyterhub-firstuseauthenticator jupyterhub-nativeauthenticator jupyterhub-ldapauthenticator jupyterhub-tmpauthenticator mwoauth oauthenticator jupyterhub-idle-culler jupyter-packaging) of which I have already pushed 10 to Salsa under the Debian Python Team umbrella. Another 20 skeleton packages for Node.js components (triple-beam winston-transport stack-trace one-time fecha fast-safe-stringify logform kuler enabled text-hex colorspace @dabh/diagnostics strftime statsd-parser mersenne lynx http-proxy winston configurable-http-proxy) are sitting here too, waiting for me to push them to Salsa’s Debian-JS team.

I insist on the skeleton aspect: they’ve been initially generated with py2dsc and npm2deb, and I’m still in the process on turning them into proper packages that follow Debian Policy. This will happen over the coming weeks.

(I also currently install Traefik with an ugly wget, but that’s only temporary since someone is working on packaging Traefik properly).

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