Deactivate JupyterLab frontend in a JupyterHub setup?

How to deactivate JupyterLab (JL) in a JupyterHub setup?
Sorry JL folks; this is probably against the trend, but we currently want Notebook and only Notebook frontend for some use cases.
I wonder if just disabling JL serverextension in singleuser image would work, with minimum side effects…

Are you using one of the docker-stack images?

Could you uninstall jupyterlab?

conda uninstall jupyterlab

Thanks; uninstalling JL is indeed an(other?) option, as it was installed in the singleuser image. Trying to figure out the easiest option…

Or use /tree as the default URL?

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I think it is right to set ‘/tree’ as default URL.
You can set this code in

c.Spawner.default_url = '/tree'