Dataverse content provider: download files in original format

Hi! A couple weeks ago I made a pull request to allow the Dataverse content provider to download files in their original format.

I think I’ve been following the guidelines on getting a pull request merged. Can someone please take a look at my pull request and give some feedback? Thanks!

By the way, we recently enabled a Binder button on Harvard Dataverse. It’s great but downloading files in the original format will help with reproducibility. Thanks for running a great service! :tada:

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Hi! Thanks for the PR. The slowness of rewiew is unfortunately due to a problem most of us have- a lack of time to do everything! If you know one of the existing maintainers who have particular knowledge in the area it can be helpful to ping them on the issue, and in future don’t be afraid to bump the PR after a couple of weeks.

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@manics that worked! Thank you! :heart: :tada:

And thank you to @minrk for merging! :rocket:

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