Ctrl+v not working on a tablet: where to report?

Hi everyone,

I have installed jupyter notebook via termux on my samsung tablet and cannot reliably paste things from the clipboard.

I have described my issue a bit more here

In brief, pasting via ctrl+v quite often does not do anything. To succesfully paste something I need to first select the address bar of my browser and then go back to the correct line. Only then would ctrl+v work until I copy something new and then I have to tap the address bar again and I can use ctrl+v again.

One of the suggetsions in that thread was to recreate the issue in the playground (JupyterLite Retro - Notebook) to check if this is a jupyter rather than a termux issue and I have the same problem.

My question is: where and how do I report this on git? On reddit it was said that jupyter does not support mobile devices, so I am not sure if I am to report the issue as a bug or a feature request. Any help would be appreciated because otherwise my setup is working great and I am very happy with it! Not being able to paste is killer for work flow though…

Thank you!