CSS nesting rules not working on jupyterlab. how to fix?

the problem is modern native CSS supports nesting rules in browsers. But it doesn’t work on jupyterlab or jupyter notebooks and I dont know why. Nested css is included in bundled code, still not working tho. What can be the issue and how can I fix it?

(I want to use native CSS rather than SASS, so please do not suggest “use SASS instead”. I would rather love to solve the issue)

i’ve tried nesting rules on jupyterlab local dev, jupyterlab online, jupyter notebook online, jupyterlite online. None worked :((

CSS nesting does work in JupyterLab as answered in CSS nesting rules not working on jupyterlab · Issue #15350 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub. My guess is that your selectors do no have suffifcient specificity. Also, there is no way for a web application to disable a CSS feature and JupyterLab certainly does not disable CSS nesting :wink: