Cripplingly slow UI: am I the only one?

@antche would you be able to test with jupyterlab 4.0 alpha? A lot of performance work went into 4.0 (and some into 3.6 too) so it would be great to hear early impressions on the performance difference.

Hello @krassowski .
Thanks a lot for this information, which means improvements should appear when I will use 3.6.x versions and probably with 4.x versions too.
So, I would be pleased to test jupyterlab 3.6 or 4.0 versions, and see if performance is back.
However, I’ve never tried to test versions which are not available in anaconda environnement updates lists. I will try to investigate documentations in order to try to understand how this could be done without generating troubles with my current stable anaconda jupyterlab environnement.
Thanks again.

conda-forge channel includes latest releases and more important pre-releases (we will certainly publish 4.0 beta/RC).

@antche you should be able to install the latest JupyterLab 4.0 pre-release with conda / mamba using the alpha channel:

conda install -c "conda-forge/label/jupyterlab_alpha" jupyterlab

# or if you're using mamba
mamba install -c "conda-forge/label/jupyterlab_alpha" jupyterlab