Community Survey on Tool Use and UI/UX Stuff

Hello! My name is Tyler and I’m interested in doing a broad survey to answer some basic questions about how academic data science is done and what is needed to optimize the end user experience. My hope is to organize a periodic survey that delivers sufficient information to properly segment user needs and experiences.

Please be forewarned, I’m not an expert on doing this sort of thing and I’m aware that I’m stepping out here without fully know the landscape of such efforts.

The overall intent is to stay somewhat ahead of the curve wrt what people are using and what they want. Part of it would be about currently use and pain points from a “workflow” aspect. Part would be on basic UI/UX questions. Another part would be on understanding what sort of hardware resources people use, i.e laptop, workstation, on prem cluster, cloud, etc.

Both the formulation of the survey and the results of the survey would be open. Due to the potential “herding cats aspect”, I’m thinking that the formulation of the survey would be less open to input but the results would be a community resource for anybody developing tools for the community.

Anyhow. @davclark let me know that this might be the appropriate place to start a discussion on this.

If so, let me know!

Erm… actually I started a topic here already:


Well, this fits so well with my point that I don’t fully know what I’m stepping into…Derp!


Also relevant for UX research with JupyterLab: