Column order or dataframe displays from right to left

I’m running Jupyter notebook on Windows 10, location Israel.
The dataframe columns are displaying from right to left - and therefore not under the right headings. How can I reverse column order?
Thanks for any help

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It really depends. Do you have the original source? Making the reading of the headers and data correct from the start would be best.

And are you using the Python kernel or R?

I’m trying to run examples from here .
I’m running Python from the Anaconda setup.
If I copy/past results from Jupyter notebook then the columns appear ok - left to right.

2017-07-03 143.50 898.70 155.58
2017-07-04 144.09 911.71 153.67
2017-07-05 142.73 906.69 152.36
2017-07-06 144.18 918.59 152.94
2017-07-07 143.77 926.99 153.49

In Jupyter notebook:


Found the answer here

Press Ctrl-Shift-F to bring up the command palette. Search for ‘rtl’ and select ‘toggle rtl layout’. It should switch around.

If the first language selected in your browser is Arabic or Hebrew, it currently selects RTL by default. CCing @samarsultan in case that needs refining.

Thanks for your help

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