Having trouble showing ALL columns of a dataframe

I’m not seeing how to get to see all my columns? Can someone help please?


pd.get_option('display.max_columns') shows   300

BUT this is what I see. Note 128 columns???

Index(['ticker', 'tradeDate', 'stockPrice', 'annActDiv', 'annIdiv', 'borrow30',
       'borrow2y', 'confidence', 'exErnIv10d', 'exErnIv20d',
       'fbfwd90_60', 'fbfwd180_90', 'fbfwd90_30', 'fbfexErn30_20',
       'fbfexErn60_30', 'fbfexErn90_60', 'fbfexErn180_90', 'fbfexErn90_30',
       'impliedEarningsMove', 'updatedAt'],
      dtype='object', length=128)

Representing a dataframe’s Index (type pandas.core.indexes.base.Index) doesn’t fall under control of display.max_columns.

Try df.head(0) in a separate cell and see how that shows up in your notebook?
Or cast to a list with list(df.columns) and put that in a separate cell and run it.
Or just call your dataframe on a separate cell.

You’d have to provide more information about what you actually want to do achieve in your display if those don’t address your needs.

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ALL worked perfectly!! thank you so much. The list(df.columns) had the most utility. Thank you, once again, for helping out a noob