Code-server (VS Code) as a potential binder-example?

Hi All,


Would it be possible to use code-server on binder?


With the types of applications in binder-examples it appears it would be feasible, but I do not yet know the complexities of making a new application work with binder. This post will also serve as a note to myself when I find time to dig into this.


VS Code is becoming a popular editor, and I would like to use it as an easy entry-point to try out the editor on some example code without having to install anything. That way I could teach some VS Code basics without having to change anything on the participant’s computer.

I’ll probably answer my question when I find some time, but if anyone has a quick insight that won’t take much time out of your day, I would be appreciative.


I think so. I believe @betatim got code-server working already with Binder here.


If someone has a moment to update it to the latest version of code-server that would be great and probably improve things a bit (because code-server keeps getting better) :slight_smile: I’d merge a PR that proposes this.

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Looks like @manics did that part here. It can be launched via this url.
Do you want to upgrade Jupyterlab to a more current version at the same time?

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