Changing users environment from conda base to another conda env


I have been trying to set a conda environment for all users since I don’t want to use base environment.

from the admin terminal in TLJH I created a env,

conda create --name myenv
source activate myenv

The environment gets activates only in the tljh admin terminal till I am in terminal. However I want to set this env as a default env for all the users (not admins) so that when they open TLJH, they have this “myenv” as their default env for notebook, terminal and everything.

I tried export PATH=/home/jupyter-admin/.conda/envs/myenv/bin from linux terminal as well as tljh admin terminal, but as soon as I exit that, it reverts back to the default /opt/tljh/user/bin

I tried setting default environment in tljh-config file using linux terminal as well tljh terminal but didn’t work by following:
tljh-config set user_environment myenv

I am new to TLJH and don’t know much about handling its configurations.

Your help is appreciated.
Thank you.

The user environment is already separate from the system position environment:

Can you clarify why you want to create an environment for all users that’s not the existing environment for all users? Note that the base ‘user’ environment is just for users, and you have control of it. It’s not used for anything else, so I’m not sure what an additional env would solve, if it’s going to be used in the same way. You can add/edit packages as you like in the user env with pip, conda, etc.