Cannot npm install @jupyterlab/application v2.2.8

I have a question about how to npm install JupyterLab.

I want JupyterLab v2.2.8, which is not on

I would like to install it from GitHub, using a method like this,

  "dependencies": {
    "@jupyterlab/application": "jupyterlab/jupyterlab/packages/application#v2.2.8",

but this method won’t work because @jupyterlab/application is in the packages subdirectory, and npm can’t install from subdirectories on GitHub.

Does anyone know how I can npm install @jupyterlab/application v2.2.8 ?

JupyterLab is a python package that bundles several Javascript components. If you’ve got a Python 3 environment you can just run pip install jupyterlab.