Cannot find Jupyter notebook

How do I find/locate and open a recent Jupyter notebook? I am using Firefox on a Mac. I go to my browser history, paste the https link, and get the error: 404 : Not Found You are requesting a page that does not exist!

I saved the notebook before closing it, although I don’t remember/can’t find the location.

There’s a myriad of ways to use a Jupyter Notebook .ipynb file on one’s computer. Except for telling us you are are on a Mac using Firefox as a browser and you had something beginning with https that you noted, you aren’t providing much detail.

Did you install locally via the Anaconda distribution? Or Homebrew? MacPorts? If local, have you started the service back up that will serve the active notebook in the classic Jupyter notebook interface or JupyterLab? Did you rename it something other than Untitled.ipynb when you saved it? Did you search the file name you gave the notebook file on your Mac? Were you using something online and not installed locally? If you saved it before closing it when working on a remote machine, did you download it back to your local machine as well? There’s also JupyterLab Desktop in the local mix and the experimental JupyterLite options that are running inside you browser in a sort-of virtual system.

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I believe I installed locally (several years ago) using the Anaconda distribution, although I’m not 100% sure on the details. I’m using the classic Jupyter notebook interface online not JupyterLab Desktop or JupyterLite. I created the notebook that I can’t find three days ago by opening the terminal window and typing ‘jupyter notebook’. I was then routed to the webpage: http://localhost:8888/tree. There I created the notebook by selecting New > Python 3. I renamed the notebook from ‘Untitled.ipynb’ to ‘Data Analysis.ipynb’. The file autosaved, and I also manually saved the file. I can’t find the location of the autosaved file. I found an https weblink in my browser history folder, although when I paste that in I get the previously mentioned error.

As a starting point, I would try opening Jupyter Notebook in general via the same route, starting a new notebook for now . And then when it is open, type in pwd in a cell to see the path to your working directory. This may provide you a way to find at least where it may be saving things on your local system.
I know Macs can flake out about indexing certain files/filetypes from time-to-time and so finding in the Finder may not be the quickest route even though you know the name of the file.

So when you run pwd in your new Jupyter notebook , also run ls and see what other files are listed there in the current working directory. You may see what you are looking for?