[Bug] Weird pattern on jupyterlab terminal

Hi, I have problem on juputerlab terminal

Any solution?

Just to be clear, what exactly is the problem, and what do you expect to be different? Are you expecting a big greenish abstract art thing, for example, or are you expecting just a normal plain black terminal? Or is there something else that is wrong?

My suggestion is that your terminal config might be messing things up?

It supposes to be a plain black terminal, without any greenish abstract thing covering the text :expressionless:

I haven’t change anything in configs. It worked fine for last year or so and today those patterns appear on all terminals in jupyterlab.

Did you upgrade or did anything change in your system? Do you have any idea what might have changed or why it might have started having this? What version of JupyterLab do you have?

I’d also suggest going through the troubleshooting guide: Reporting an issue — JupyterLab 3.0.6 documentation

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