Bug in 2.0.1? Pending spawn_pending after login due to missing read:servers scope

Similar looking to #2815 but running Jupyterhub==2.0.1 with oauthenticator==14.2.0 and a genricoauthenticator.
Error seems fairly clear:
[W 2021-12-29 22:07:41.380 JupyterHub scopes:496] Not authorizing access to /jupyter/hub/api/users/[user]/server/progress. Requires any of [read:servers], not derived from scopes []
but the basic user role does not have that scope.
Can it be added to the user role or is there a workaround other than having users click home?


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Do you have a custom user role defined? The default user role does have this permission for their own servers.

The error message suggests that the request is made by a user who does not have the user role, or any role, because they have no permissions.

Do you have any roles defined, and are you using authorized_users config?

No custom user roles and am not setting allowed_users. So from my understanding, any user authenticated from my genericoauth should be allowed.

For now I have resolved by reverting to 1.4.2

Is it possible to share your config with secrets removed? And logs from jupyterhub --debug including the startup logs where it notes things about initial users?

The issues of users not having or losing their user role membership that should have been fixed in 2.0.1 seems like they would be the cause, but it’s possible there are more not yet covered.