Bokeh has a new docs template - should we use it?

I love it!

It’s quite similar to the alabaster-jupyterhub template

I agree. Let’s migrate toward it if it works well.

FYI I’ve got a demo PR of this theme applied to the Team Compass repository here:

Demo here:

here’s a pic:

I quite like the look and feel of it, and I think it could help us de-clutter things a bit and streamline information. It would require a little bit of reorganization on our part (mostly, we’d need to organize our documentation into “tiers” which would make up the top navbar and the left sidebar) but IMO it would be worth it to have a nice, clean, consistent documentation style.

Another thing I like is that the visual design is still fairly similar to Alabaster, so I could imagine us using Alabaster if we wanted for some of the smaller repositories that don’t need the full multi-navbar treatment.

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I also think it wouldn’t be that hard to create an alternative main layout that eg puts the first level in the sidebar and does not have a top-bar. But for the rest still uses the same layout for other parts and the same style etc to have a consistent look and feel.
(now, for such a use case, the alabaster theme might have other useful things, like going to the next/previous page, not sure about that)

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@jorisvandenbossche I bet we could code in next/previous pages into this theme relatively easily too :slight_smile: for me one of the reasons to adopt this is that we can use a theme that the broader pydata community supports so we can upstream improvements etc as well

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