Binderhub push repo config

I´m struggeling with connecting to my docker repo for some days now. I collected some questions on this.
Ist there a way to connect to a minikube unprotected repo without username and passwd?

If I let binderhub create a secret, the credentials are stored under the tag config.json, not .dockerconfigjson. If I present a secret using c.BinderHub.push_secret or c.BuildExecutor.push_secret is this the same?

Where may I lookup the current dockerconfig, used by the builder?

Many many thanks for any help,

Do you mean a container registry? I don’t know about Minikube, but we use K3s for our GitHub CI tests which uses a local registry:

If you’re following the docs

you shouldn’t need to modify push_secret, the BinderHub application and Helm chart should take care of all this:

Accidentally deleted :frowning:
OK, thanks. Maybe I was a bit unclear. I would like to pre-create my secret with docker credentials for the repo used for builds, because I install my cluster per ar
go from a repo and I don´t want the secrets in the repo. I tried to figure out, how to create a secret before rolling out binderhub and got stuck. Therefor my question. Is it possible to pre-create a secret for this?