BinderHub on multi-arch/arm based cluster

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build a bare metal multi-arch Kubernetes cluster and I would like to deploy BinderHub on it.

The cluster consist of and amd64 master node and some arm RPI4 worker nodes. I would like to know if there is any way to make a deployment of BinderHub on it as the Zero to BinderHub tutorial doesn’t cover this topic.

I welcome any suggestion/explanation :slight_smile:

Kubernetes is a fairly standard infrastructure so you should be able to get BinderHub it running, though you’ll need to follow the configuration steps.

Have you deployed JupyterHub on Kubernetes before? If you haven’t you might find it easier to practice deploying JupyterHub first following the Zero to JupyterHub guide, since this is simpler and it’ll help you figure out the configuration required for your K8s cluster.

Ok, I’ll try to deploy JupyterHub. Once I have a JupyterHub deployment configured and running will I be able to use it as the base of a BinderHub deployment or I should follow the Zero to BinderHub guide?

Thank you

Both are possible. Following the Zero to BinderHub docs which installs JupyterHub as a sub-chart of the Binder Helm Chart will be the easiest option, you can copy your JupyterHub configuration across.