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First of all I would like to say thank you to the people behind BinderHub and ultimately JupyterHub. I have been playing around with BinderHub for some weeks now (credits for the documentation by the way!) and found it pretty easy to get going. At the moment we are moving to the next step (I have now involved a colleague). We aim to have full setup of what we internally call our “compute service pipeline”. Basically a BinderHub/JuputerHub together with Papermill and some light weight scheduling and subscription.

The target cloud is Alibaba Cloud (yes, I know - but it is a strategic decision). The infrastructure is handled by means of IaC (Terraform) and then we basically utilize the great Binder Helm chart from this community - with natural modifications and additions.

We are beginning to look into GitOps and stuff like Flux at the moment. We are a bit hesitant about going all in on BinderHub even-though the principles in BinderHub supports a similar mindset (was that intended, or is it just our misguided interpretation of BinderHub?). Also with one the latest posts about persistent volumes, then we are getting really close to a production grade tool-chain. We still see some challenges when it comes to the Kubernetes pods, since they reside with BinderHub in the same cluster - we are a bit unsure whether that will become a problem for us moving forward.

This post is meant to “pressure test” whether we are misusing BinderHub? Should we rather start looking at KubeFlow? But BinderHub has an generic approach that we are starting to appreciate quite a lot :slight_smile: But naturally we need persistant volumes in production when a Pod dies. Also we do need to be able to make something semilar to Kubernetes Canary deployments, which seems (to us at least) to be a brilliant functionality to include/(utilize Flux) in BinderHub?!

Actually, we have also discussed whether it would make sense for us (our small software concepts department from a company called Grundfos), to be a contributor to this?! Would you appreciate it at all?

And I will stop so the message don’t get too long :slight_smile: Looking forward to hear about your thoughts!

Kind regards
And happy binding :wink:

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