Binderhub container init error/crashloopbackoff after upgrading

Hi. I’ve upgraded binderhub to binderhub-0.2.0-n919.he87e25a, yet when I try to build from a repository, I get an init error, or a crash error on every container thats created.

Example: GitHub - jupyter-xeus/xeus-cling: Jupyter kernel for the C++ programming language
jupyter-jupyter-2dxeus-2dxeus-2dcling-2dmgcvb2d9 0/1 Init:CrashLoopBackOff 1 14s

State: Terminated
Reason: Error
Exit Code: 3
Started: Mon, 02 May 2022 07:33:37 +0300
Finished: Mon, 02 May 2022 07:33:37 +0300

Hub logs:

[I 2022-05-02 04:32:58.788 JupyterHub provider:574] Creating oauth client jupyterhub-user-jupyter-xeus-xeus-cling-mgcvb2d9
[W 2022-05-02 04:32:58.812 JupyterHub spawner:2861] Ignoring unrecognized KubeSpawner user_options: binder_launch_host, binder_persistent_request, binder_ref_url, binder_request, image, repo_url, token
[I 2022-05-02 04:32:58.818 JupyterHub log:189] 202 POST /hub/api/users/jupyter-xeus-xeus-cling-mgcvb2d9/servers/ (binder@::ffff:) 137.40ms
[I 2022-05-02 04:32:58.818 JupyterHub spawner:2302] Attempting to create pod jupyter-jupyter-2dxeus-2dxeus-2dcling-2dmgcvb2d9, with timeout 3
[I 2022-05-02 04:33:20.340 JupyterHub proxy:347] Checking routes
[I 2022-05-02 04:34:20.339 JupyterHub proxy:347] Checking routes
[I 2022-05-02 04:34:20.474 JupyterHub log:189] 200 GET /hub/api/users (cull-idle@ 24.61ms
[W 220502 04:34:20 init:137] Not culling server jupyter-xeus-xeus-cling-mgcvb2d9 with pending spawn
[I 2022-05-02 04:35:20.343 JupyterHub proxy:347] Checking routes
[I 2022-05-02 04:36:20.339 JupyterHub proxy:347] Checking routes

Nothing further appears

Is there any configuration that I needed to update to the new version in the config.yml or something else I’ve missed?


Hi! Could you show us your full BinderHub configuration please? Thanks!