Binder Error on YOLOv5

I can not use Binder for our YOLOv5 repository:

Describe the bug
Dockerfile is built, and then:
Launching server... Internal Server Error

To Reproduce
Go to this link and wait for notebook to build:


Desktop (please complete the following information):

Additional context
Originally raised a bug report jupyter nviewer and was directed to raise an issue on this forum regarding this.

Since you are using a custom Dockerfile, I recommend looking at the following repo to see how to construct a Dockerfile compatible with Binder


And if you want to keep your current Dockerfile in the root directory, make a directory called binder there and put the Dockerfile that Binder will specifically use there in that binder directory.

However, your current Dockerfile looks very minimal, you could probably just use an environment.yml file in your binder directory and accomplish the same thing more easily and have something that will build faster & more easily on MyBinder, see here. If you go that way, move your stuff from requirements.txt under pip in the new environment.yml. The use of Dockerfile is best reserved for the more trickier builds, see here. Granted, I only glanced cursorily at your repo and I may have missed some complexity that rules this out.


Thanks for the tips guys. I will refer to these in the future should we pursue Binder integration!