Best way to alter Jupiter’s UI?

Maybe a broad question but I’d like to use Jupiter as my phone “note app”.

Right now the Jupiter UI is not as friendly for phone form factor. Even the classic notebook has too many items. Plus I would like to add extra elements like a calendar or image upload (not sure how to even upload images via mobile UI). To be clear I mean to add these controls to a web app like page, not as widgets inside a cell.

What’s the best way to modify the UI like completely hide the menu or hide the cell numbers or add additional controls? At the same time still allow editing?

They’re a web app layers like voila but not sure these allow adding specific cells that can be moved around an UI and that can be editable.

You can customize the JupyterLab UI pretty much without limit if you create a custom extension, but this probably would involve replacing some of the core plugins and would be difficult to maintain as new versions of JupyterLab get released. If you have a specific question about customizing parts of JupyterLab UI after following the extension developer guide, extension tutorial and exploring extension examples we can try to help here.

A possibly better approach would be to contribute to the current work on making JupyterLab behave nicer on small screens/mobile. The meta-issue is Consider making Jupyter Lab mobile friendly · Issue #3275 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub. Some areas are being actively worked on, for example:

and some improvements are already included in the upcoming 4.0 release (e.g. the ability to hide sidebars altogether).

There are many areas to which you could contribute to if you have time/resources, e.g.:

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