Behavior during julia package install

After installing the IJulia kernel for all users, as an administrator when adding a julia package, it is available for existing and new users. Same behavior when a user performs the same task.

is this the normal behavior?

Os Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
JupyterHub . 3.0.0 as a service
Julia 1.8.2

There are a lot of factors that enter into this, but the main one is: where do packages get installed (what path), and what permissions are set on that directory. The second bit is how are users differentiated, permission-wise.

The key question is probably what JupyterHub Spawner and Authenticator are you using?

The Spawner question probably answers most of this, but the relevant bits of information are:

  1. where is Julia installed?
  2. what parts of the filesystem are ‘shared’ across users (read-only or read/write)?
  3. what user id are the users’ servers running as?

If all users have write access to a shared package installation, then it sounds like you have a Julia install that is world-writable (or all users are running as the same system user), and that is the default installation directory. You may want to set $JULIA_DEPOT_PATH to a location in the user’s home directory to ensure that packages are installed in their home. Looking at the docs linked above, it seems a bit like the default might be overridden, as the default is supposed to be installed in $HOME/.julia. Unless $HOME is actually the same for every user.

thank you @minrk i will check following your directions.