BeakerX on Colab

Hi Guys.

Happy to join this community.

I was wondering if its possible to get BeakerX working on colab?

I have added this cell to my notebook
!pip install beakerx

But do i need to beakerx-install if so is it possible to run this terminal command from the colab cell?

Hello, thanks for coming along!

FYI, this category is intended for topics relating to working with Binder / The people who check this category and offer support are likely not experts in using Google Colab :slight_smile:


As far as I understand BeakerX is a set of JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook extensions, not portable visualizations.

The best location for Colab-specific questions is probably either GitHub - googlecolab/colabtools: Python libraries for Google Colaboratory or StackOverflow though I don’t see any priors for BeakerX.

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