Automatic scrolldown output with plots

I use jupyter notebook and use matplotlib to plot graphs. Upon execution of the code cells to plot, it would be nice if the notebook would scroll down automatically to the end of the output cell, so the whole plot is shown on the screen, so I don’t have to scroll by mouse.
I found the extension “scrolldown” for notebook 6 (ScrollDown — jupyter_contrib_nbextensions 0.5.0 documentation) and " upyterlab_autoscrollcelloutput" (jupyterlab-autoscrollcelloutput · PyPI). I tried both on notebook 6 and 7 but they did not work with plots.

Is there a way to enable automatic scrolldown in notebook 7?

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I also found this thread about the same functionality in Visual Studio Code iPython extension (Reddit - Dive into anything) where they give a solution for VSC. Unfortunately, I did not find an analogue setting in jupyter notebook 7.