"Assertion failed: Connection reset by peer": what could I do about it?


I am unable to use JupyterLab for more that a few hours.
The log files indicate an issue with a TCP connection used by Jupyter.
(for the details see: https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/11873 )

I was told that some application must be killing this TCP connection.
However, I have no idea about how to troubleshoot that.
Could you help me to find out the root cause or any practical solution?

Are there tools to find out why is this connection lost?
Are there alternative connection methods for Jupyter?
Are there ways to lock a connection?



https://github.com/zeromq/libzmq/issues/1808 also looks relevant, but it seems you already found that thread.

Thanks jason!
I look for a solution since several months now!
I know very nothing about networking, TCP, …
If I just could find any trick that would allow a Jupyer notebook to work during a full night, I would be happy.
If disabling some process, or unstalling an application would do it, I woul be happy.
In the meanwhile I organize myself to run Python from the Anaconda prompt during the night.
But this is not very convenient for experimental ML tests.
Thanks again

Have you tried this?

It is basically another take on the suggestion given by @minrk here, and I think the use of --ExecutePreprocessor.timeout=-1 is more general approach to the advice given by @rabst here in reply to @minrk’s suggestion.

As you start to address with, “run Python from the Anaconda prompt during the night”, the more traditional way would be to set up the code you’d run in the notebook as a Python or Bash script and run it on the command line using the tools screen or tmux to allow you detach and then to reconnect to the running processes later. Or reconnect when they have completed and pick up the results.