Arranging a csv file after reading

I want to read a csv file that contains data extracted from the airbnb site. In csv the data is arranged using the function (text to column). I managed to read this data using the following lines of code, but the result appears in the form of compressed columns (that is, all the data in the second column is also in the first column), the data being mixed. I want the results to appear correctly in the form of a table, with lines and columns. How can I solve this?
I also put an image with the way it is displayed now.

import pandas as pd
tot = pd.read_csv(“tot.csv”)

CSV is one of those formats that comes in multiple variants. In your screenshot it looks like the separator is a semicolon instead of the default comma. You can specify this in the read_csv function:

 pd.read_csv("tot.csv", sep=";")

See the Pandas help for more details:

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Thank you! It works!

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