Anyone know of a Firefox / Chrome plugin to open the current URL in nbviewer?

GitHub’s notebook renderer is pretty old and fairly slow - in many cases, it doesn’t correctly load the notebook at all. nbviewer seems to be much faster.

Has anybody seen a plugin that simply builds the currently-active page on GitHub but instead in nbviewer?

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Easy to do with Grease/TamperMonkey.

Easy to do as bookmarklet.

I do know about the existence of greasemonkey and tampermonkey, but don’t have much experience writing scripts for them, so this would unfortunately not be easy for me.

I did find this though I couldn’t figure out how to get either of the two scripts linked in there to work.

For github, s/thing like:


Riffed from a minimal bookmarklet generator I built back in the day…! (Also this one)

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It would be a nice complement to the Open with Binder extension.


I’ve been using open in nbviewer for years, and it has always worked flawlessly!

I’ve always used the Chrome extension, but it is apparently available as Firefox add-on, Safari extension, and bookmarklet as well.

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ahhh that is exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks so much!

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I also found

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