Any plans with (or reasons not to have) image_whitelist on kubespawner?

I’ve starting using DockerSpawner.image_whiltelist and am thrilled that’s giving me a way I can provide test Jupyter images to my users without having to run a second JupyterHub to do that!

Looking towards the future a bit I am expecting I’ll be pushed to Kubernetes, but I don’t see any equivalent choose-which-image-you-want-to-use functionality in KubeSpawner.

Am I missing it, or if not anyone already looking at it? (and if not, is there any reason I shouldn’t try and port the image_whitelist function over to it?)

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Glad you like image_whitelist!

The equivalent in KubeSpawner is profile_list (go to and search for profile_list, not sure how to link to it directly). Should do what you want, but also allow overrides of things that aren’t just images (like RAM, CPU, nodepool, etc)

Awesome! (and sorry I missed it!)

As you said, that should cover my need, and more!

Thanks for you help @yuvipanda!